Candidates, Project 21 Leaders Call for
the End of Congress As We Know It

Applaud Six New Attempts to Reform Legislature

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Two Republican nominees for Congress, leaders of the African-American group Project 21, are applauding efforts by some Members of Congress to return the legislative branch to a citizens' legislature.

The proposals include:

"In 1994, when voters elected a Republican Congress for the first time in 40 years, they clearly wanted change," says Norman Reece, the Republican nominee for California's Seventh Congressional District. "And once they were elected, the Congress sought to satisfy their constituents. They passed a law stating that Congress should be held accountable to the same laws and regulations the rest of us are. They cut staff and perks. They did all the little things to show the Congress of the United States is a legislative body that is accountable to the people, not a House of Lords which ignores the people. But there is still more to done. Some legislators know this and I know this. We understand that America sought its independence from England because it could no longer tolerate royal tyranny. I'm tired of a group of people trying to govern our lives, and make decisions for us that we can make ourselves. That's one of the reasons I'm running for office, and that's one of the reasons I want to run Rep. George Miller (R-CA) out of office."

"If Congress members really place their constituents above their own self-interest, they won't object to forgoing their pensions after 12 years," says Deborah Wright, the Republican nominee for California's Ninth Congressional District. "My opponent, Rep. Ron Dellums, is more interested in accumulating pension funds than caring for what's in the best interest of his district."

Project 21 is an African-American leadership group that promotes a conservative viewpoint. For an interview with Deborah Wright or Norman Reece, contact Arturo Silva at (202) 507-6398 or by e-mail at ###

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