After Five Years of Ecoterrorism, FBI Has Made No Arrests


Date: June 20, 2001

BACKGROUND: On June 18 the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) claimed credit for the vandalizing of the biotechnology laboratory at the University of Idaho on June 10. This is the latest of dozens of terrorist acts, including arson of homes, laboratories, businesses and resorts committed by ELF and its sister organization, the Animal liberation Front (ALF), over the last five years. There have been no arrests.

TEN SECOND RESPONSE: After five years and dozens of acts of terrorism, it is inconceivable that the FBI has yet to arrest the first member of either the Earth Liberation Front or the Animal Liberation front - even though these groups take full credit for their crimes.

THIRTY SECOND RESPONSE: It is completely unacceptable that organized terrorism has gone on unchecked for five years. A bill by Representative George Nethercutt (R-WA) calling for mandatory sentences in ecoterrorism cases, including the death penalty should lives be lost, sends a message against these criminals. A Congressional investigation is in order to determine what the FBI has been doing - or not doing - to bring these criminals to justice. The Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front cannot be allowed to go on terrorizing Americans.

DISCUSSION: There should be broad-based support, both among the public and on Capitol Hill to take strong bipartisan action against the criminal actions of these groups. They represent the extreme fringe of the environmental movement and the vast majority of those who call themselves environmentalists do not support their actions.

Support for strong action should have a broad geographical base as well. Ecoterrorists have destroyed businesses in Oregon, agriculture labs and testing facilities in Idaho and Wisconsin, an agriculture lab on the campus of Michigan State University and homes in Indiana, New Jersey and New York.

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by Tom Randall, Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs, The National Center for Public Policy Research

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