New PAC Formed To Support Environmental Movement Congressional Candidates


DATE: June 20, 2001

BACKGROUND: Wild PAC is a new political action committee that will "target key Congressional races" in 2001 and focus on each candidate's "depth of their public lands and wilderness protection efforts."

TEN SECOND RESPONSE: Environmentalists demand that more and more lands be made "wilderness," which puts them off-limits to human use. I don't think American citizens believe "our lands" should be locked away from them so they can't enjoy them.

THIRTY SECOND RESPONSE: I believe the American people want to preserve our lands, as do I. However, most Americans also believe that we can safely use parts of these lands to obtain oil and gas. Today there are drilling techniques that are environmentally-friendly and timber management has taught us that it is better to harvest some trees instead of letting them burn, as happened last summer.

DISCUSSION: Wild PAC will focus on local, state and national candidates and activate advocates to work on campaigns. It claims it will use "the same successful techniques as EMILY'S list" in aiding candidates. It will target get-out-the-vote efforts in 2002 and help organize local fundraisers. To find out more about Wild PAC, go to . A list of sponsors is available on the website at but there is no specific information yet on which candidates will be targeted.


by Gretchen Randall, Director of Energy & Regulatory Affairs, The National Center for Public Policy Research

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