Greenpeace Threat on Kyoto


DATE: May 8, 2001

BACKGROUND: Greenpeace International and Greenpeace USA have sent a letter to the top 100 corporations and issued a press release threatening them with economic reprisals if they do not support the Kyoto Protocol and oppose President Bush's stand on climate change and regulation of carbon dioxide. The letter can be found at: and the press release can be found at:

TEN SECOND RESPONSE: Greenpeace has suffered a severe drop in membership and donations in recent years due to their support of unscientific environmental positions and radical actions. Here they go again.

THIRTY SECOND RESPONSE: Fortune 100 companies which provide millions of jobs and conduct their businesses in an environmentally-responsible manner should ignore the Greenpeace threat. Consumers also should support the companies Greenpeace is trying to blackmail into supporting its radical agenda. If Greenpeace's positions on the environment had any credibility, it would not have to resort to such tactics. President Bush has protected American jobs in rejecting the Kyoto Protocol, just as the Senate did in a unanimous 95-0 vote. Other countries to join the U.S. in basing their environmental decisions on sound science.

DISCUSSION: The major points of the Kyoto/CO2 debate are found in our Ten Second Response of May 8, 2001, "Recess Notes on Kyoto and CO2."
SUGGESTION: It might be useful to drop a note to any Fortune 100 CEOs local to you, letting them know you support President Bush's rejection of the Kyoto Protocol and carbon dioxide regulation. He stands with them in protecting the American economy and preserving their workers' jobs, just as he stands for basing environmental policy on sound science, rather than politics. A list of Fortune 500 companies and information about them can be found at:

by Tom Randall, Director of Environmental and Regulatory Affairs, The National Center for Public Policy Research

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