Natural Resources Defense Council Attacks Administration on Kyoto Protocol


DATE: May 7, 2001

BACKGROUND: Daniel Lashof of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has charged, "It is shocking to see in black and white that the administration has no basis for its policy [on climate change] beyond rhetoric and ideology." David Hawins of NRDC added that "[President Bush's] handling of the global warming issue to date has been irresponsible."

TEN SECOND RESPONSE: It is the NRDC and other fear mongers who scare people with completely unproven claims that man is causing climate change who are acting irresponsibly.

THIRTY SECOND RESPONSE: The National Resources Defense Council and similar special interest groups would not exist and would be unable to raise the vast sums of money that they do without creating unfounded fear. Even many of the scientists who study climate change for the U.N. have strong disagreements with the reports that claim man is causing global warming or that there will be any significant warming - natural or man-made - at all.


by Tom Randall, Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs, The National Center for Public Policy Research

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