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Legal Briefs #22 - May 15, 2002

For Russia's Sake, It's Time for Legal Reform

Tort D'Jour: Get a Night Light

Legal Briefs #21 - April 29, 2002

Asbestos Lawsuits: Putting the Greed of the Healthy over the Needs of the Sick

On the Lighter Side: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Tort D'Jour: Go to McDonalds Next Time

Legal Briefs #20 - September 4, 2001

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Atlanta Brave Sued for Tossing a Baseball to a Fan

On the Lighter Side: Children Who Grow Up to Be Lawyers

Tort D'Jour: Didn't Catch the Fairies, But Caught a Pile of Loot

Legal Briefs #19 - April 20, 2001

HMO Lawsuit Bill Would Benefit Trial Lawyers

On the Lighter Side: A Lawyer and an Engineer Were on a Boat...

Tort D'Jour: Dead Man Has Trouble Voting; Blames Long Lines at Polls

Legal Briefs #18 - May 21, 1999

Trial Lawyers and the DOJ... Partners in Crime?

4 our of 5 Dentists Warn: Frivolous Lawsuits Dangerous to Common Sense

Woman Sues After Being Left in Doghouse

Tort D'Jour: Man Kan't Spel, Sues Instead

Legal Briefs #17 - March 26, 1999

Lions and Tigers and... Bolivians

Lawyers' Latest Litigation Target is All Wet

Smokin' in the Boys' Room Leads to Lesson in the Courtroom

Tort D'Jour: Lather, Rinse, Litigate

Legal Briefs #16 - February 12, 1999

A Lawsuit... Or A House of Cards?

Americans May Not Trust Lawyers... But TV Certainly Does

Department of Justice Spends Up to $60 Million on One Lawsuit

Tort D'Jour: This is a Case for the Birds... and the Bees

Legal Briefs #15 - September 11, 1998

Judge's Shaky Legal Theories Turn Constitution Upside Down

*Trial Lawyers Swing for the Fences With Allegation that Baseball Cards are Dangerous to Kids

California Woman Sues, Saying Mail-Carrying Robot Went Postal

Tort D'Jour: Last Call Leads to Lawsuit


Legal Briefs #14 - August 14, 1998

He's Dead, But Still Practicing Law

Here's the Beef! -- And the Lawsuit

Student Shows That Lawyer-Driven Science is All Wet

Tort D'Jour: Car Crash Leads to Switched Gears in Man's Sex Drive


Legal Briefs #13 - July 17, 1998

Lawyers Oppose Lowering Insurance Premiums

Hindu Man Has Beef With Taco Bell - Sues

Slipped-up Trombone Player Sings A Quarter-Million-Dollar Tune

Tort D'Jour: Lawsuits Upon Lawsuits Within Lawsuits

Legal Briefs #12 - June 30, 1998

Exxon Sued for Trying to Prevent Oil Spills

Senate to Vote on Product Liability Bill July 7

Tort D'Jour: Fortune 500 to Provide Sex Ed?

Legal Briefs #11 - February 11, 1998

Parents Cry Foul Ball in Bench Warming Case

Judge Drills Inmate for Frivolous Olive Oil Suit

Red-As-A-Lobster Lawyer Claws His Way to Court

Bakers Beware

Tort D'Jour: Warning: Substances Thaw in Warm Temperatures

Legal Briefs #10 - December 15, 1997

Plaintiffs Get Zero, Lawyers $49 Million... With More to Come?

0-24 on the Field, 1-0 in Court

It's Dinosaur Versus Chicken in Trademark Lawsuit

Tort D'Jour: Shush!

Legal Briefs #9 - October 17, 1997

Judge Rules Lawyers Won't Be Paid Unless They Prove Their Work Benefits Public

Child's Illness Demonstrates Need for Liability Reform

"Loser Pays" Serves Justice, Cases Show

Tort D'Jour: Ludicrous Lawsuits


Legal Briefs #8 - September 26, 1997

Firm Penalized $2.5 Billion for Accident They Did Not Cause and in Which No One Was Hurt

Scientific Evidence Weak for Plaintiffs in Nation's Largest Class Action Suit

Legal Reform Under Assault

Tort D'Jour: Husband Asks Federal Court to Stop Wife from Smoking


Legal Briefs #7 - August 15, 1997

Bigger Than Breast Implants

Pickled Justice?

Millions for Lawyers, Zero for Plaintiffs

Stop the Presses: Accidents Can Happen

Tort D'Jour: Spousal Lawsuits to Sweep Japan?


Legal Briefs #6 - July 21, 1997

Tyson-Style Justice in West Virginia

ACLU Works for Free... For $450 Per Hour

Food Industry May Be in Court Next

Tort D'Jour: Do You Want Fries With That Mouse?


Legal Briefs #5 - June 30, 1997

Mental Health Standards a Stress


Attorney Calls for "Revolution" in the Legal Profession

Tort D'Jour


Legal Briefs #4 - June 9, 1997

Real Life More Interesting Than the Movie?

Democratic Candidate Sues the GOP: Blames GOP for Her Election Loss

Lawyers Receive 100,000 Times More Than "Victims" in Lawsuit

Tort D'Jour


Legal Briefs # 3 - May 23, 1997

At $10,000 Per Hour, There's No Class in Class Action Suits

Polyethylene Keeps Young Woman on Her Toes!

Tort D'Jour

Legal Briefs # 2 - May 9, 1997

Liggett Settlement Leaves States With Stake in Tobacco Profits

Illinois Taxpayers Reap Benefits of Tort Reform

O.J. Simpson's Lawyer Runs Ahead of Suit Parade

Tort D'Jour


Legal Briefs #1 - April 25, 1997

Clinton Coincidence?

Attorneys for Integrity no Oxymoron

Lawyers Get $140,000; Plaintiff Gets 93 Cents

Tort D'Jour



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