Rutherford Institute Press Statement Following the April 1, 1998 Dismissal of Jones v. Clinton



April 1, 1998

John W. Whitehead
Founder and President


Judge Wright said today in her decision that extensive evidence of other women being subjected to harassment by Mr. Clinton and considerable supression of evidence fail to present a case worthy of a jury. We respectfully but firmly disagree. Judge Wright also ruled that Paula Jones' claim of outrage falls short. Again, we respectfully but firmly disagree. Paula Jones raises serious issues of civil rights abuses that must be dealt with in a court of law -- it is the only way for her to fully and finally redress her grievances.

Judge Wright's decision today to grant President Clinton's request for summary judgement in Jones v. Clinton is a stumbling block in Paula Jones' search for justice. We are confident, however, that Mrs. Jones has raised serious issues of fact that deserve to be and ultimately will be addressed in a court of law by a jury of her peers. We will appeal this decision to the Eighth Court of Appeals immediately and continue to confidently seek redress for Mrs. Jones' grievances for as long as is necessary, even to the Supreme Court of the United States.


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