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  • Blog: Scenes from the 9-12 Rally
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  • Blog: Obama Administration Adds More to Debt Than 40 Presidents
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  • Press Release: EEOC Warns Employers: If You Don't Want to Hire Felons, You Need a Good Reason
  • Press Release: Convicts as a Protected Class? EEOC Thinks Background Checks Can Discriminate Against Blacks, Hispanics
  • Press Release: NAACP Asked to Fulfill Pledge to Repudiate Racial Slurs Against Black Conservative
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  • Blog: Project 21’s Deneen Borelli on Fox and Friends Friday Morning
  • Blog: Judge Says Cheerleading is Not a Sport
  • Press Release: Left Admits: Racism Charges Against Tea Parties a Tactic, Not a Truth
  • Press Release: Lobbying for Increased Government Spending Puts GE on a Collision Course with Tea Party as House Panel Approves $450 Million Earmark for General Electric's Jet Engine
  • Blog: Looks Like the Polar Bears Are Doing Well
  • New Visions Commentary: Liberals Crash Tea Party, But Stay Silent On Black Panther Hate Talk, by Deneen Borelli
  • New Visions Commentary: The Marriage-Job Paradox, by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • Press Release: Shirley Sherrod Owes Andrew Brietbart an Apology
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Condemn "Twisted Logic," "Racial Garbage" of Statements by Charles Sherrod, Husband of Fired U.S. Department of Agriculture Employee Shirley Sherrod
  • Blog: "Green the Capitol" Program Goes Murky Gray
  • Blog: Focusing On the Wrong Sherrod?
  • Blog: Calling Out the Shark Jumpers
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  • Press Release: President Obama Prioritizes His Own Agenda Above Keeping Americans Employed
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  • Blog: Washington Post: "Liberal" for the Left; "Right Wing" for the Right
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  • Press Release: NAACP Executive Caught on Tape Lying About Tea Party Attendance
  • Blog: Deneen Borelli Debates NAACP's Hilary Shelton on Fox
  • Blog: The Week's Public Opinion Polls All Tell Same Story: Americans Gloomy Over Economic Future and Reject Obama's Domestic Policies
  • Blog: Glenn Beck Show Runs Project 21 Member Montage of Commentary on NAACP's Tea Party Racism Allegations
  • Blog: Video: Deneen Borelli Decries NAACP "Race Card Politics" on Fox
  • Blog: Black Tea Partiers in Virginia Speak Out Against NAACP Resolution
  • Blog: Project 21's Bob Parks Talks Tea Party "Racism" With Lou Dobbs on Thursday
  • Blog: Findings of Climategate Panel Does Not Change the Fact There are Skeptics among the "Non-Skeptics"
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  • Press Release: Black Activists Condemn NAACP Resolution Against Tea Party Movement
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  • Blog: Congressman King’s Plan to Discharge Obamacare from Our Hospitals
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  • Blog: Your Tax Dollars at Work: Stimulus Dollars Used to Stimulate Financially Unsound Solar Company
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  • Blog: Say No to Honoring Joseph Stalin in America
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  • Press Release: Americans Want Action, Not Exploitation
  • Press Release: Obama Pushes BP-Inspired Cap-and-Trade Bill in Speech to Nation; The National Center for Public Policy Research Calls on the Senate to Reject the “BP Bill”
  • New Visions Commentary: Crying Wolf Over a “Racist” Cat and Rabbit, by Bob Parks
  • New Visions Commentary: Wake Up, Lazy Parents! by Mychal Massie
  • Blog: Deneen Borelli of Project 21 Keynotes Oregon Conference
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  • Blog: Regarding Hurricanes: David Ridenour on New York Fox TV; Says NOAA Should Focus on What It Can Do Well
  • Press Release: Turkey Responsible for Flotilla Deaths
  • Press Release: Free Enterprise Project Launches Petition Calling for GE CEO Jeff Immelt to Resign
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  • Blog: Outrage of the Day: Big Banks Contributed to Protests Against Their Own Employees
  • Blog: Project 21's Martin and Borelli on Black Founding Fathers on Glenn Beck's "Founder's Friday"
  • National Policy Analysis: The Medicare Technology Crunch: Procedures, Technologies and Medicines Covered by Private Insurers Aren’t Necessarily Covered by Medicare, by Matt Patterson
  • Blog: NOAA Agrees - Somewhat - With Our Chimp
  • Blog: Deneen Borelli Lambasts President Obama's Inattention to Oil Spill
  • Blog: In the Department of Dubious Honors
  • Blog: Fox's O'Reilly Factor Features National Center Hurricane Prediction Video
  • Press Release: The "Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act" Will Render America Even More Beholden to China; The Lack of Domestically-Produced Rare Earth Metals is Another Demonstration of Lost American Might
  • Blog: Outrage of the Day: Chief Law Enforcement Officer Fails to Respect Law
  • New Visions Commentary: See Something, Say Something: New York City Versus Arizona, by Horace Cooper
  • Blog: President Felipe Calderon: Please, Please Watch This Video
  • National Policy Analysis: Is America About to Become Even More Dependent on China? The Case for Domestic Rare Earth Elements (REEs) Exploration and Excavation, by Caroline May
  • Blog: Outrage of the Day = Hypocrisy of the Day
  • Press Release: Think-Tank Says Trained Chimp Can Predict Hurricanes Better Than NOAA... And Puts it to the Test
  • Blog: Outrage of the Day: Cabinet Officers Who Condemn Laws They Don't Bother to Read
  • Blog: Black Panther Dropped Case; Holder's Criticism of AZ Law He Hasn't Read Criticized
  • Blog: Outrage of the Day: Greece’s Prime Minister Blames U.S. Banks for Greek Crisis
  • Blog: Craziest "Racism" Charge I've Heard Yet
  • Press Release: Kerry - Lieberman Cap-and-Trade Legislation Rewards Wall Street and Members of President Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board
  • National Policy Analysis: After ObamaCare, The Deluge, by Matt Patterson
  • Press Release: Political Contributions Proposal to Be Voted on at PG&E Annual Shareholder Meeting; Concerns over PG&E Lobbying for Cap-and-Trade Spurred Investor Action
  • Press Release: Black Activists Comment on Kagan Nomination to U.S. Supreme Court
  • Blog: Another Newspaper Covers Us; Notes Absence of the Left
  • Blog: Reversal of Fortune: CEOs Now Take Flak from Right, Not Left, at Shareholder Meetings
  • Press Release: Duke Energy CEO Asked to Disclose Amount of Company Support for Global Warming Activist Groups and Dollar Amount It Expects from Cap-and-Trade; Shareholder Activists Now Set to Attend Goldman Sachs Stockholder Meeting Friday in New York
  • Blog: Show Us What You've Spent to Lobby, and What $$$ You Expect to Gain, CEO Told
  • Blog: What if the Minutemen Get Thirsty?
  • Press Release: Duke Energy's Support of President Obama's Cap-and-Trade Policy to Be Challenged by Stockholders at Company Shareholder Meetings Thursday
  • Blog: Project 21's Horace Cooper Denounces Norton Smear of Justice Thomas
  • Blog: Liberals Are Trying to Kill the Messenger
  • Press Release: General Electric CEO Challenged at Stockholder Meeting; Asked to Explain Extreme Attacks on Conservatives by GE-Owned MSNBC; About Company Lobbying for Cap-and-Trade; About the Cost of ObamaCare
  • Blog: General Electric Questioned About Its Attacks on Conservatives
  • Blog: Tea Party Race Bias Study Disputed by Project 21's Deneen Borelli
  • Blog: Tom and Deneen Borelli Discuss Tea Parties on G. Gordon Liddy Show
  • Blog: Obama's Arizona Immigration Law Hypocritical Lie
  • New Visions Commentary: Racial Incitement a One-Way Street for the Media, by Bob Parks
  • New Visions Commentary: Social Justice: Not What It Used to Be, by R. Dozier Gray
  • New Visions Commentary: Climate Claims Could Raise the Prices of What You Buy, by Deneen Borelli
  • New Visions Commentary: Freedom to Fail, by R. Dozier Gray
  • Press Release: Johnson & Johnson CEO William C. Weldon Defends Pro-ObamaCare and "Cap-and-Trade" Lobbying
  • Press Release: Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson Support for ObamaCare to Be Challenged by Stockholders at Company Shareholder Meetings Thursday
  • Blog: Project 21 Chairman Mychal Massie Speaks at New Jersey Tea Party Rally
  • Blog: Project 21's Deneen Borelli Calls on President Obama to Attend a Tea Party Rally
  • Blog: Video: Free Enterprise Project Director Tom Borelli Speaks at Washington DC Tax Day Tea Party Rally
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  • Blog: Another Tax Day Tea Party Snapshot
  • Blog: Black Conservative Deneen Borelli Addresses DC Tea Party
  • Blog: What Do YOU See?
  • Press Release: National Center Staff Members Deneen Borelli and Tom Borelli to Speak at Washington, D.C. Tax Day Tea Party; Book on Government-Run Health Care to Be Distributed at Rally
  • Blog: DC Tax Day Tea Party Early Pictures
  • Blog: Tom Borelli Addresses DC Tax Day Tea Party
  • Blog: On Erick Erickson's Tea Party Advice
  • Blog: Obama's Mystery Soccer Game - True Scandal Revealed
  • Blog: Congressional "Free" Travel Not Free to Taxpayers
  • Blog: Fraud Begets Fraud in ObamaCare Land
  • Blog: Our Bart Stupak Story
  • Press Release: "Backroom Deal" TV Ad Campaign Targets John Deere for Lobbying for Cap-and-Trade; Urges Employees to Take Action to Save their Jobs
  • Press Release: Congressman Should Know Better than to Compare Tea Party Attendees to Klansmen, Black Leader Says
  • Blog: Borellis at Marlboro College - April 12
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  • Blog: The Washington Post Should Fire Courtland Milloy
  • Press Release: GE CEO Jeff Immelt Exploits Reagan Legacy to Bolster Image with Conservatives; GE's Celebration of Reagan is Politically Motivated, says the Free Enterprise Project
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