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"Earth Day Interview Locator Service" and Earth Day Fact Kit Available to Journalists

Scientists, Economists and Public Policy Experts in a Wide Variety of Environmental Fields Available for Earth Day 2005


The Earth Day Information Center is offering an Earth Day Interview Locator Service to provide journalists and broadcasters with scientists and policy experts who are able to discuss Earth Day-related issues. Earth Day is April 22.

The interview locator service offers access on a wide range of environmental fields. Experts are available on such issues as environmental stewardship, global warming, ANWR and energy development, urban sprawl, air and water quality issues, regulatory policy, the Endangered Species Act, environmental justice and biotechnology.

Extensive information related to Earth Day and environmental policy is available at the Earth Day Information Center website at

Experts available through the Earth Day Information Center's extensive database include:

* Dr. Bonner Cohen, senior fellow of The National Center for Public Policy Research. Dr. Cohen is an expert on endangered species, regulations, air quality, energy, property rights, sound science, waste management, water and "sustainable development" v. "sustained development."

* Dr. S. Fred Singer, president of Science and Environmental Policy Project and professor emeritus of environmental science at the University of Virginia. Dr. Singer is an expert in issues including air pollution, global climate change, the ozone layer, acid rain and energy.

* Steven Milloy, publisher of and, and adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, and National Center for Policy Analysis. Milloy specializes on climate change, environmental health, risk assessment, and science as it relates to public policy.

* Paul Driessen is a senior fellow specializing in environmental and economic development issues with several think tanks and is the author of Eco-Imperialism. Mr. Driessen has written extensively on global environmental policy as it pertains to health, regulation and energy in the Third World.

* Robert J. Smith, senior environmental scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and a former consultant to the President's Council on Environmental Quality. Mr. Smith is an expert on property stewardship and rights, forest health and endangered species.

* Dr. Gerald Marsh, physicist at Argonne National Labs. Dr. Marsh is an expert on nuclear energy and waste storage. He is an advisory board member of The National Center for Public Policy Research's John P. McGovern, MD Center for Environmental and Regulatory Affairs.

In addition to these experts and others not listed here, an online information clearinghouse is available at A history of Earth Day is available, as well as information and commentary on issues such as global warming, energy policy, urban sprawl, mileage standards and property rights.

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